• Top Choice

    In a female-run society, Alice is working towards becoming a leader, while Tag is fighting to overthrow it. Only one of them can win… But will they both lose their hearts?

    “Captivating and impossible to put down, McAloon’s twisted but beautiful world comes alive on the page.”  (Publisher Weekly’s BookLife Prize, quarter-finalist)

    After her first night at the infamous Choice Club, 18-year-old Alice gets swept up in the glitzy haze of freedom and in the smoldering gaze of one of the club’s Top Choice boys: Tag MacPhail. He’s meant to be a pretty distraction at a time when everything else in girls’ lives is complicated. Until Alice starts to notice there might be more to Tag than just good looks and charm. 

    Until she starts to suspect that he might be dangerous.

    Step through the shimmering doors of the Choice Club, into a world that will dazzle you one moment, shock you the next, and enthrall you throughout.