• Even In The Rain

    Star quarterback. Trouble maker. Player. The definition of the type of guy I can’t stand.
    Also, the guy I’ve agreed to tutor for the next three months.

    Sebastian Murdoch spends his free time at either football practice, after-school detention, or hooking up with random girls at wild beach parties. I spend my free time digging in tidepools, reading alone in my room, or studying moon jellyfish. He’s the school hero. I’m the school pariah. Only I’ve suddenly been presented with an opportunity to leave Sandy Haven and finish my final months of high school at an exclusive boarding school miles away from the people who have treated me like dirt for years.

    The catch? Sebastian Murdoch is my ticket out. I need to come up with a portion of the tuition fees, and his parents are willing to pay a lot of money for a tutor to help ensure their Golden Boy passes all his classes—a pre-requisite for anyone on the football team. If he fails, he’ll lose his chance at leading the team to their first state championship win in seventeen years. And I’ll lose my chance at finally living a normal high school experience before graduation.

    But turns out there’s a lot more to Seb Murdoch than meets the eye. And soon he’s teaching me as much about letting go and taking chances as I’m teaching him about calculus and history. But I also suspect he’s harboring secrets. So, although I want to take a leap of faith and trust in the feelings we’re developing for each other, I can’t help wondering: am I crazy to let myself fall for a boy who represents everything I’ve ever vowed to stay away from?