• Even After Sunset

    I planned for every situation on my solo road-trip adventure… except for the gorgeous, broody stowaway I find passed out in my food truck my very first night.

    I haven’t seen my childhood best friend since that horrible afternoon seven years ago when we both lost our parents—when I was adopted into a loving family, and Silas got stuck with an abusive uncle. Then recently spent two years in juvie.

    And while I love my life now: my adoptive family, the private school, my amazing friends… it’s all just borrowed. I haven’t done a thing to deserve any of it. 

    This food truck business selling cookies at festivals across New England over the summer, is one of the few ways I could think of to prove to myself that I can stand on my own two feet. And that I’m more than just a charity-case who hit the mother-load.

    I hit the open road, excited for the summer ahead.

    Only when I pull over my first night, I find a strange guy passed out on my mint green comforter. A gorgeous, hungover stranger—who, it turns out, is not a stranger at all. He’s Silas. My Silas. All grown up. And not nearly as happy to be reunited as I am.

    But after a call to his case worker, I manage to recruit him as my reluctant co-pilot. And now my cookie-selling road trip becomes the opportunity I’ve spent seven years waiting for: the chance to make things right for what happened that fateful afternoon that separated us.

    But that will only happen if my moody, wise-cracking, former best friend lowers some of his walls and lets me in. Because I’m starting to suspect more happened that long-ago afternoon, and while I’ve managed to move on from it all, Silas is still clearly trapped by it.

    Even After Sunset is an enemies-to-lovers Young Adult road trip romance – perfectly balanced mix of witty banter and soulful storytelling, with plenty of laughs and a sweet and satisfying happily-ever-after.

    *This book was previously published under the title, When Jackie Hit The Road.